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EcoVisio and the European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) have the pleasure of inviting you to BusinessCool - an introductory workshop into the world of business ventures, taking place on September 14-15 in Rîșcova, Criuleni district. The interactive 3-day program will give aspiring entrepreneurs the skills and know-how they need in order to develop sustainable, healthy businesses.

Using the format of a weekend workshop, the organizers aim to introduce simple and practical instruments which will encourage the participants to walk the road between project idea and successful business. To that end, they will be guided by trained facilitators as well as experienced entrepreneurs from the two organizations.

“For most of us, the concept of entrepreneurship resonates with the idea of economic growth and development. However, the entrepreneurial spirit must be cultivated and encouraged on a continuous basis and the development of the skills and knowledge necessary for the successful business development must take place in a practical and collaborative environment.”, says Dorin Gaidău, Investment Manager for EFSE.

The BusinessCool workshop is meant for 18 to 35 year-olds who:

  • are thinking about starting their own business
  • want to keep developing an existing business idea
  • are in the final year of highschool/university and considering a career in entrepreneurship.

We strongly encourage applicants who:

  • already have a business idea which they want to polish
  • live in rural and/or regional Moldova

Some questions which the facilitators will try to answer during the workshop:

  • how do you go about building a business model?
  • how do you effectively test your idea on the market?
  • who are your clients and how do you reach them?
  • what resources do you need in order to perform your activity?
  • which bank and what type of loan are the most fitting for your business plans?
  • which risks may appear and how do you minimize their impact?

What you’ll be taking with you from BusinessCool:

  • valuable answers with a side of new questions
  • new ideas and validation for the ones you already had
  • courage and confidence in your business idea
  • the group’s energy
  • useful contacts and recommendations
  • a work plan to keep you going in the right direction

The BusinessCool workshop is 100% free of charge.

For more information, please contact Anastasia Costișanu via phone – 0697 532 84 or email – .

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