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IarmarEco – the Fair of Ecological Opportunities and Social Entrepreneurship - is a social and cultural event that brings together main actors of environmental and social world of Moldova. It is a unique combination of a fair, facilitated networking and interactive presentations / lectures on the topic of ecological and social activism in Moldova.

The goal of IarmarEco is to inform the public about the possibilities of changing the daily routine to a more active, healthy and conscious - all in all, sustainable - lifestyle. Moreover, the fair helps the representatives of environmental sphere (environmental NGOs, enterprises, companies, state institutions) develop a common vision and communicate it to the general public, as well as introduce the concept of green & social entrepreneurship. The impact of IarmarEco is much larger than the impressions, skills and products acquired by its visitors: the event has a mission of building trust among NGOs, general public, entrepreneurs and state institutions, the process that leads to emergence of new ideas for sustainable development, and their implementation.

IarmarEco is also the space to introduce general public to our values – it is striving to be a single-use-plastic free event. Same with beverages – no alcohol, - and food: no meat or fish.

The first IarmarEco event took place in autumn 2013, and continued growing quantitatively and qualitatively ever since. In 2017, we had the fifth edition already. The experience shows that general public is becoming increasingly interested in such events and that IarmarEco is completely worth the efforts. 

In 2016, for the first time in its history, IarmarEco lasted 2 days instead of one: October 15-16. The first day was dedicated to educational initiatives with presentations of projects from program "activEco - sustainability in action" and workshops related to topics like: Organic Agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Fair Trade, Social Entreprenership, Crowdfunding, Vedic Vegetarian Nutrition, Apitherapy, Recycling, Education through games etc. It was also about networking - IarmarEco provided space for meeting of participants and alumni of different programs implemented by EcoVisio (activEco, activePeace, Harap Alb, ClimateLaunchpad, etc.), and all the other interested people - friends, partners, participants of international THK Cluster on Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations, etc. The second day was open for a fair of initiatives, products and services, as well as various practical workshops on renewable energy, healthy cooking, etc. On both days, there were IarmarEco Cafe and Kids Zone. The event was attended by over 600 people both days, and highlighted 75 organisations, local entrepreneurs and NGOs.

In 2017, same as in 2016, IarmarEco lasted two days, September 30 - October 1, 2017. For the first time in its history, the event was held in the open air. It brought together about 90 farmers, entrepreneurs, artisans and activists with their ecological and social products, services and initiatives. Over 40% of them were participating for the first time as exhibitors, some being participants and alumni of EcoVisio programs, such as ActiveOrganic. A particular element was the exhibition “Facing the Climate”, contributed by the Swedish Embassy and featuring caricatures on the topic of climate change. For the first time, the event was accompanied by live music. Throughout both days, visitors and exhibitors could take part in numerous (about 20) theoretical, but mostly practical workshops about choosing and cooking healthy food, using plants as natural medicine and growing them, managing your organic waste, doing yoga, etc. Among the traditional elements were vegetarian / vegan / raw food court and children playground. Despite the fact that IarmarEco-2017 coincided with several large events taking place in the city at the same weekend, as well as traffic challenges, the event was visited by over a thousand people. We are very grateful to the new sponsors - the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Moldova and the European Fund for SouthEast Europe, who made this possible.

In 2018, IarmarEco will take place on... date coming soon!

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