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'Good Food from Good People' series


As an NGO working on sustainable development, we're lucky enough to always come upon interesting food makers - farmers, processors and everything in-between.
We decided to honor a few select makers as a part of our #FoodIsLove campaign, by telling their story in a visual form. Each video in the series 'Good Food from Good People' will focus on a producer in Moldova to share what they do, how they do it and what keeps them passionate about their craft.

All videos come with English subtitles, as well as Russian or Romanian depending on the language in the video.

EPISODE #4 | Casa Rîbca (Chișinău & Gura Bîcului, Anenii Noi District)

The best way to understand artizanal bread is by looking at the people who make it. Casa Rîbca is a family of bakers from Gura Bîcului (Anenii Noi district) who started making bread in 2013, driven by nostalgia and love. Nostalgia for the simple breads of past times, free from any non-sense, which came from human hands rather than conveyor belts. And love for the craft of baking, that teaches you how to do magic using tender doughs and how to raise levain as if it were your own child.
Starting April 20th 2019, Casa Rîbca settled in Chișinău as an artizanal bakery, offering everyone in the Capital a change to turn 'going out for bread' into a full-on culinary experience. You can find their cozy space in Buiucani, on Alba Iulia St. 154.
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📞 Phone: +37368055591
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                         Ribca's Artisan Bakery (

EPISODE #3 | Papa's Greens (Chișinău)

The best food is the one that comes to us directly from the soil. Dmitry Plyuschev found a way to squeeze even more health out of plants by harvesting them at an early stage of growth (6-14 days), when they contain 4 to 40 times more nutrients than a mature plant. Known as 'microgreens', these baby plants have taken restaurants and supermarkets everywhere by storm, and now through Papa's Greens we can also enjoy them in Moldova.
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📞 Phone: +37361113107
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#2 | Grădina Moldovei (Cigîrleni, Ialoveni District)

'Good Food from Good People' is not just about what we put on our plates. Good food starts right from the seed, which turns into crops under the right care and conditions. This why the second episode of our series is dedicated to Mariana Șeremet, one of the good people who collects, sprouts and grows diverse seeds at Grădina Moldovei (Moldova's Garden), creating a living seed bank for Moldova.
🌐 Website:
📧 Email:
📞 Phone: +373 792 37 925
📲 Facebook: Grădina Moldovei (

EPISODE #1 | DENS - produse raw vegane (Chișinău)

DENS is the beloved project of Lucia Gavriliță, who wants to spread her passion for raw vegan, healthy foods throughout Moldova. Her famous crackers are prepared from germinated seeds and dehydrated at exactly 41°C, so as to not lose any of the precious nutrients.
📧 Email:
📞 Phone: +37379775514
📲 Facebook: DENS - produse raw vegane (