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Want to become a Keep Cool multiplier?

KeepCool multipliers 2019

Hi, dear Keep Cool-er!

We invite you to become an Official Multiplier.

Who is a multiplier?

Simply, it is a game ambassador - a person who can organize a game and a small discussion around it. A person who we can call and ask to hold a game - if, of course, he or she is available at that time. If you think that you are ready to hold games and do not need any more training - wonderful! If you feel you'd like some extra traning, it is also possible.

You may ask: What do I get from it? Why should I become a Multiplier?

That's why:

  1. It is an opportunity to do something useful for the planet and help people become more aware about the ecological consequences of their actions. 
  2. It is a good practice of working with youth (but not only), moderation and, in a way, of public speaking.
  3. For organizing each game you get our gratitude and 200 mdl 

Do you want to become a Keep Cool Multiplier?

If you want to refresh your knowledge of how to play, here are some text and video guides:

For the board game:

The video guide in English (with subtitles in English, Romanian and Russian)

The rules of the game in pdf:

A suggestion of a plan for a Keep Cool workshop: view / download pdf

For the Keep Cool mobile:

A videoguide (in English, with English and Russian subtitles):

Keep Cool mobile rules on the game website (click the image!):

KeepCool Mobile Rules EN

And if you have any questions, contact us:

Keep Cool in Eastern Europe

022 222101

"Keep Cool" in Eastern Europe
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