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ActiveCiuluc (April 2018 - April 2019; November 2019 - July 2020) is a project meant to contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation in the basin of the river Ciulucul Mic through promoting the Integrated Water Resources Management and direct actions. To put it simply, it is an initiative for informing people living in the basin of the river Ciulucul Mic (Falesti, Singerei and Telenesti districts) about the ecological situation in the region (the river is drying up, underground water polluted, droughts, deforestation, etc.) and practical steps each of them could take to change it for the better.

Stage 1 (April 2018 - April 2019):

  • creation of the Ciulucul Mic River Basin Committee; two meetings held;
  • exploring the river from the sources to its mouth (learning and documenting its state);
  • over 2500 people involved directly through ecolessons, seminars and practical activities (cleanups and especially plantings)
  • two art contests and exhibitions dedicated to the river;
  • creation and distribution of informational materials about the benefits of trees and alternatives to burning leaves, reaching tens of thousands of people (in print and online);
  • Planting over 20,000 trees and bushes in ten localities with involvement of local communities (town Singerei, vil. Chiscareni, vil. Bilicenii Vechi, vil. Iezareni, vil. Cozesti; town Telenesti, vil. Verejeni, vil. Inesti, vil. Ciulucani, vil. Zgardesti);
  • elaboration and adoption of the River Basin Management Plan for Ciuluc rivers for 2019-2024

Stage 2 (November 2019 - November 2020):

  • Organizing the third meeting of the Ciulucul Mic River Basin Committee, deepening the connection with the “old” members and establishing the connection with the new ones
  • Transferring the role of the Committee Secretariat from EcoVisio to the Association „Centrul de Orientare și Promovare Europeană ”Dialog”” from village Chiscareni (Singerei district) and strenghtening its capacities - providing it with new equipment, holding working meetings
  • Elaborating 2 projects for planting riparian buffer strips (for river Ciulucul Mare in Singerei and for river Ciulucul Mic in Telenesti) - by the Forestry Research and Management Institute of Moldova (ICAS)
  • 2,3 ha of riparian buffer strips planted on river Ciulucul Mic in Telenesti (by State Forestry Agency, according to the projects elaborated by ICAS)
  • 12,770 trees and bushes planted in 20 localities in collaboration with local communities (28,156 if we also count the 2,3 ha of riparian buffer strips)
  • 10 water-themed bus stations in 7 localities painted in collaboration with art schools, based on drawings created by local youth (5 in Telenesti district and 5 in Singerei district)
  • An interrayonall creative contest ”Ciuluc – the water that unites us”, with over 110 pupils-participants from 11 localities
  • 11 composting boxes for leaves installed in 11 educational institutions (schools and kindergartens) in 8 localities; over 3500 pupils-beneficiaries
  • Over 400,000 people were informed about the importance of the protection of water resources, the benefits of leaves and tree planting, about the problems of small rivers and the situation of the river Ciuluc, in particular - with the help of informational materials developed and distributed in print and online (the materials were created in collaboration with the Seed It Forward initiative)
  • Creating an interactive map of the interventions realised in the Ciuluc river basin in 2018-20 (plantations, painted stations, composting boxes) - still in process

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Contact person: Gabriela Isac, +373 69817235 /

ActiveCiuluc Ciulucul Mare
ActiveCiuluc Ciulucul Mijlociu
ActiveCiuluc Ciulucul Mic

ActiveCiuluc (officially, „Integrated water resources management and ecological rehabilitation of the Ciulucul Mic river basin” (2018-2019) and „Ensuring the continuity of protection and ecological rehabilitation measures of the river Ciulucul Mic” (2019-2020)) is financed through the SDC-ADA project ”Strengthening the institutional framework in the water and sanitation sector in the Republic of Moldova (Phase 1)”.

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