How can you solve the waste problem in rural areas? The project “Development of waste manage service in the villages Râșcova, Miclești, Stețcani and Peresecina” decided to give an answer to this question through the improvement of waste collection in Râșcova village, as well as through the sharing of practical experience with other interested communities. Moreover, the project ensureds the continuity of Dmitrii Mikitenko’s initiative: in 2018, together with a small group of volunteers, he started to clean Râșcova village of unauthorized landfills and created platforms for separate waste collection.

The problem of waste cannot be solved only through cleanups or installation of garbage bins. Thus, this project had three objectives:

  1. Raising of awareness of the population regarding the importance of waste management through continuous information campaign during the project
  2. Increasing the capacities of local authorities regarding waste management
  3. To provide all the inhabitants of Râșcova village with a centralized system of collection and removal of waste, and with a clean and secure environment

What did we manage to do?

  • 3000 residents of Râșcova village have been informed about the importance of the development of a waste management system and the necessary steps for it,
  • 6 public consultations have been organized,
  • the fee for waste management services in Râșcova village has been increased from 3 to 9 lei,
  • facilitated the conclusion of a contract for the disposal of selectively collected waste with a local operator,
  • bought and installed:
    • 17 sets of 240 l containers for separate waste collection in 3 fractions (to complete the system of waste collection in Râșcova)
    • 18 containers for separate collection of plastic in schools and kindergartens in the four villages
    • 4 containers for separate collection of electronic waste
    • 8 containers for composting in public places
    • 2 containers of greater volume (8 and 30 m3) for the intermediate collection of plastic, glass and metal
  • 2 two-day trainings for 30 students from the four villages, including practical activities and field visits to landfills,
  • 1100 saplings planted together with the community of Râșcova village,
  • 4 unauthorized landfills were removed, and the main landfill of the village has been improved,
  • 4 cleanups in the villages Râșcova, Miclești, Stețcani and Peresecina,
  • 4 schools from the four villages have received informative posters and board games in order to develop civic and community spirit,
  • created and shared informative materials about the selective waste collection and composting,
  • created a guide of waste management in rural areas,
  • organized an open online conference called “Waste management in a village. Where do you start?” in order to share the experience.

Informative materials made

Caricatures and articles

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The vicious circle of waste

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About the importance of rising the fee for waste management

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Composting – a solution for 50% of waste


How to interact with your community regarding waste – a discussion with Nicoleta Stavilă, a young activist from Hârtopul Mare village (Criuleni) and volunteer at the #FărăDeșeuri initiative

How do you work with local authorities? Why don’t we have a waste management system? What are the prices for waste management services? – a discussion with Eugen Camenscic, national expert in energetical efficiency and civic activist

How to inform people about environmental protection and waste management – a discussion with Lilia Curchi, chief editor at “Nature” journal

Sharing experience

Project coordinator: Nataliia Oleatovschi


Public Association “EcoVisio” is the beneficiary of the Local Grants Program of the European Union (EU) and implements the project “Development of the waste management service in the villages of Râșcova, Miclești, Stețcani and Peresecina”.

The Local Grants Program is launched based on the Single Support Framework of the European Union (EU), granted for the Republic of Moldova (2017-2020) under the European Neighborhood Instrument, through the project "Empowering Citizens in the Republic of Moldova" (2019-2021) , funded by the European Union and implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ Moldova). In the Center Development Region, the project implementation partners are the Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance AGER and AO "Habitat"


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